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The next meeting of Congregation is coming up soon to elect the representatives on Senate, Boards and Committees as indicated on the attached list.

Members are kindly requested to note the following regulation on election to Senate as stated in the University of Ibadan Act Second Schedule Section 5(4) as follows:

“An elected member shall hold office for the period of two years beginning with the first day of August in the year of his election, and may be a candidate at any election held in pursuance of this paragraph in the year in which his period of office expires, so however, that no person shall be such a candidate if at the end of his current period of office he will have held office as an elected member for a continuous period of six years or would have so held office if he had not resigned it”

It should be noted, however, that any member of Congregation who registered for a postgraduate programme in the University is not eligible to be nominated for Election to Senate.