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Updated: 2 hours 28 min ago

Week in pictures: From elections in Indonesia to a film festival in Germany

Sun, 02/18/2024 - 16:45
A roundup of some of last week’s events.

Brazil’s Lula compares Israel’s war on Gaza with the Holocaust

Sun, 02/18/2024 - 16:43
Israeli foreign minister says he will summon Brazil's ambassador for a reprimand over Lula's remarks.

US signals it will block proposed Gaza ceasefire resolution at UN

Sun, 02/18/2024 - 15:17
US says it would veto Algerian draft resolution at the UN Security Council urging 'immediate humanitarian ceasefire'.

Palestinian suffering and endurance in Gaza echo the Nakba

Sun, 02/18/2024 - 14:53
In the tragic stories coming out of Gaza, I see the pain and resistance of my grandparents in the catastrophe of 1948.

Netanyahu vows to invade Rafah despite global outcry

Sun, 02/18/2024 - 14:34
Israel’s prime minister insists a ground operation in Rafah will go ahead, despite warnings from his allies

Al Jazeera speaks to Susan Sarandon as she lobbies for a Gaza ceasefire

Sun, 02/18/2024 - 14:23
Oscar-winning American actress Susan Sarandon joined pro-Palestine activists to lobby Congress for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Man confronts neo-Nazis marching in Nashville

Sun, 02/18/2024 - 14:19
A man confronted suspected members of the white supremacist group ‘Blood Tribe’ as he filmed them doing the Nazi salute.

Russia claims full control of Avdiivka, says Ukrainian troops still in town

Sun, 02/18/2024 - 14:14
Russia makes its biggest gain since capturing Bakhmut in May as war with Ukraine is set to enter its third year.

Why are Israel and its Western allies targeting UNRWA?

Sun, 02/18/2024 - 14:08
Is Israel trying to associate Hamas and UNRWA to mobilise anti-Palestinian sentiment in the US?

India bowl out England for 122 to record biggest Test win, lead series 2-1

Sun, 02/18/2024 - 13:52
Jaiswal's double-century and Jadeja's five-for blow away England for India's biggest Test win by runs.

Arrests after Iran’s iPhone ban paves way for multimillion-dollar scam

Sun, 02/18/2024 - 13:39
A Ponzi scheme that promised cheap iPhones in Iran's volatile market was able to raise some $35m in months.

How bleak is the outlook for Israel’s economy?

Sun, 02/18/2024 - 12:39
Moody's has lowered Israel's credit rating for the first time and forecast a negative outlook for the economy.

Gaza’s Nasser Hospital ‘completely out of service’ as Israeli attacks mount

Sun, 02/18/2024 - 12:22
The strip's second-largest hospital in southern Khan Younis city has many patients and other Palestinians sheltering.

Israel’s Netanyahu dismisses calls for early election as thousands protest

Sun, 02/18/2024 - 11:52
Netanyahu has seen his popularity plummet in opinion polls since October 7 attack that sparked devastating war on Gaza.

Displaced, bombed by Israel, Rafah’s kids seek warmth in hospital coveralls

Sun, 02/18/2024 - 11:14
Gaza parents putting white PPE coveralls left over from the COVID pandemic on their kids, hoping they'll keep them warm.

Hundreds detained at Navalny memorials in Russia

Sun, 02/18/2024 - 10:50
Police in Russia have detained more than 400 people at memorials honouring Alexey Navalny.

Sebastiao Salgado: From stark realities to vivid conservation

Sun, 02/18/2024 - 10:09
A look inside the acclaimed photographer’s black and white journey from human resilience to natural conservation.

‘Systematic torture’: To be Palestinian in an Israeli prison

Sun, 02/18/2024 - 10:08
Israel stepped up its arrest campaign in the occupied West Bank, and mistreatment of prisoners in its overstuffed jails.

Qatar PM: Hamas-Israel talks ‘not very promising’, truce efforts to go on

Sun, 02/18/2024 - 09:46
Talks involving officials from Qatar, Egypt, Israel and US have so far not yielded deal for a pause in Israeli attacks.

Parallel seasons: How Lebanon hides from reality

Sun, 02/18/2024 - 09:36
Lebanon lives two realities, the glitz of the buzzing social scene and the fear and poverty of everyone else.